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            Wowo Campsite - Sussex

            Welcome to Wowo Campsite


            Welcome to our website full of all you need to know about our campsite here in the heart of Sussex.
            We hope you will get to know who we are and what we have to offer here at Wapsbourne
            (Wowo). We extend a warm welcome to come camping soon. 


            We specialise in the things that we think are essential to great camping here at Wowo:

            1. Campfires - We think camping just isn't the same without a crackling campfire to sit
            around when it grows dark, cook your dinner on and keep you warm.

            2. We are a family campsite - children and dog friendly, accommodating
            families to camp together in groups.

            3. We have a varied selection of Yurts and Shepherds Huts  for those campers looking
            for added luxury whilst retaining the rustic style of the outdoors.

            4. We believe the great outdoors to be healing and educational.  We host a huge range of Workshops to nurture and support this belief, as well as making your stay extra fun for all ages.



            All of this is surrounded by our beautiful Sussex countryside with the Pellingford Brook running through the centre of the campsite providing water edge camping. Our special Tipi Trail is woodland camping at its best also nestled alongside the Brook.
            We give the biggest welcome to the warm hearted and friendly, and to those people who are respectful of privacy and property for fellow campers and of our friends and neighbours. We have a few simple rules that are important to us that you can read here.

            To find out more about what to expect when you get to our campsite and to help
            plan your stay with us please go to Planning your stay.





            **** Booking is essential for any stays here at Wowo for all pitches ****


            To see the different camping areas we have please see: Camping Areas

             Check in is from 2pm Onwards

            Check out is 11am

            Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ to leave reviews, post pictures and join discussions.


              facebook 1  twit  instagram  google plus


            To see what previous campers have said and read the reviews about Wowo:

            UKcampsite.PNG                        Ratings

            To see any of the articles we've had in newspapers and book's:

                                                                                  newspaper       GreenParent                                                         




            This site uses Cookies, please click here to find out more.





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